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Posted: Jan 14th 2009 3:52PM Mabuti said

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First must say, great addition of Van Hemlock cast. They gave some great incite on EVE and the like.

I want to add a personal thought to two subjects Warhammer & MMO's this past year.

Warhammer was a game that I was looking very forward to because of RvR. Traditionally I am not that huge of a PvP player but the element in DAoC that brought me to the game field was the RvR aspect. To no belabor this, I played for quite a bit but in the end I became disappointed with the level of RvR. I was extremely excited about the possibility of taking over the other realm's capitol and the run up to that. Unfortunately, IMO, scenarios have halted this progress. I believe that they delivered a quality game but the aspect that I was looking for was just not executed at the moment. No ill will towards Mythic or anything I just hope that the ORvR aspect is worked out and I may return.

On the MMO's, I just could not hold back comment in agreeing with you guys. I began playing MMO's with the launch of UO, thanks to my brother funding my exploits. Since then there have only been small stints that I have not played an MMO. I see this year as being a banner year because of the two main expansions. It takes a moment of thought for people to see past the hoard's of MMO's that have been announced, closed, or released to see what became of the year in MMO's. IMO, it was a quality year that was very important to the state of MMO's and the path that they will be headed down in the future.

Lastly I must agree that I think many are jumping on and off MMO's to attempt to get that original buzz back that they got with their first MMO. Sometimes to the point of becoming jaded about all of the MMO's that they can get their hands on.

Great Episode!

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