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Posted: Dec 31st 2008 8:22PM catweazle said

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Just listened to Massively Speaking No 37.
I am correct in thinking you said Lineage 2 shut down ?.
Only thing i am aware that shut down re Lineage 2 was the illegal servers.
You didn't mean AC 2 ?.

Posted: Jan 1st 2009 7:59AM gemski said

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Yea, can someone clarify that whole bit? O_o

Posted: Jan 1st 2009 11:55AM Rednights said

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I have no idea what F2P games you guys are playing, but every time you give out your opinions in favor of RMT related to it, I just vomit inside.

All these Asian F2P MMORPG games for the most part give an edge to people who can spend the most money.

Some examples are: In Archlord, you need to dump some money into purchasing "Soulshots" like within Lineage 2 to double your damage in PVP. Trickster sells the best or near best items in the game real cash. Because of these blatant imbalances, you tend to stir away from F2P games.

Back to Archlord, when that game came out, the forums were asked how the payment should be set up when the game went live. You know what they said? They said to make the game PAY TO PLAY. Why? Because the PVP'ers knew that this game would be favoring those who could spend the most cash. No PVP'er in their right mind would step into a game where Cash over Skill was in place. Sadly enough Archlord hasn't done so well (brain dead developers in Korea who had their own problems to fix American servers) and has reverted back to F2P.

Yes this is a PVP centric complaint, but then again I haven't come upon a PVE centric F2P MMORPG that was even remotely half ... even a quarter as enjoyable as WoW.

While you guys spout about these upcoming glory days of F2P with RMT in the near future, I just smash my face on the desk cause I don't see how a top tier MMO with RMT that is "fair and balanced" to PVP'ers can live without giving "incentives" to use RMT transactions without giving an "edge" at the same time. For the love of god, cosmetics will not keep a game afloat. So unless MMORPGs are completely redesigned, the order of the day is ..

P2P = equal leveling / playing field for PVE'er and PVP'ers alike.
F2P = "imbalanced" when you start looking into it. Some games you can catch up with raw time spent palying the game. Some games you can never be on equal footing.

I know my post is disjointed, but I am reallly just going to start fast forwarding whenever RMT comes up in your podcasts, cause its not enjoyable and very very one sided. You acknowledge that a great majority is in disagreement, but you continue on anyways. Other than that, don't make this out to be a hate post, cause I do love your podcast and the others are virignworlds, but RMT just pisses me off to know end.

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