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Posted: Dec 16th 2008 7:18PM (Unverified) said

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PLEASE *Cries*
MAKE *Cries more*
IT TAKE*Cries even more*
THOUGHT *Weeps in utter sorrow*
AND EFFORT *Cries some more*

...i'm done

Posted: Dec 16th 2008 7:49PM hami83 said

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My guess is they just won't have as much grinds.

I mean. MMOs are grindtastic, but FF was pretty bad.

Also maybe the UI could be more computer friendly. lol I mean stick to consoles as well. Maybe 2 UIs or something.

OH and a higher resolution. :P

Posted: Dec 17th 2008 1:50PM koehler83 said

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A lot has changed since FFXI was branded a criminal by the likes of WoW fans.

Lv 1-75 takes 2 weeks (minus diversions) if you know what you're doing.

Soloing is completely possible on any job up to lv 60. It is possible to 75 on at least half the jobs in the game.

Exp gained has increased across the board.

FFXI has evolved into a fantastic MMO that rivals the best in just about every way. I hope the team applies everything they've learned up until now to their new project. What they need to fix the most are their administrative practices. They also need to improve their server architecture by about 1000%.

Event costs are down to about 25% of their original set prices.

Resolution on PC can go as high as you like, limited only by your monitor. Xbox360 displays at 720p native and 1080i. If you're complaining about PS2 resolution, get a clue.


Posted: Dec 16th 2008 8:17PM Coldbrand said

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Just so long as it's not like fucking World of Warcraft. They should learn from their mistakes made with FFXI and make a similar game that improves upon its principles, FFXI has a largely unique feeling within the MMO genre, and for that reason its fans will be severely disappointed if they decide to emulate the current western generic MMO stereotype.

Posted: Dec 17th 2008 7:26PM Wispur said

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I'll probably give it a try whatever it is.... as long as square finally figures out how to let characters jump over low lying obstacles. >.

Posted: Dec 17th 2008 12:29AM RogueJedi86 said

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Keep the job system, crafting system, world system, combat system, party system, etc. Just get a new XP system. Having to party exclusively was a bother(but also a plus, since it drove away the WoW kiddies), but especially the XP loss on death. Simply dropping the Death Penalty would be a big help.

Posted: Dec 17th 2008 4:32AM (Unverified) said

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I agree with most comments so far, but:

Am I the only one who likes the Death Penalty in FFXI? For me its one of those parts that makes the game far more interesting then its western counterparts. I remember the first time (just after NA realease) I was making my way through Buburimu Peninsula to get to the ferry and I was so scared that the goblins would see us, my heart was pounding. For me that fact that there are consequences for dying, goes a long way to help with immersion.

I'm not a big fan of the wow way, where you just run arround at any level and go jumping of cliffs to your death because it shaves off your travel time. To me thats just stupid.

Posted: Dec 17th 2008 7:04AM (Unverified) said

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Things I'd like to see changed between FFXI and the new game:

* More character customization. We had three sizes, five hairstyles, and for three races, two genders. Everyone looked the same.

* Improved UI. The macros were versatile, yes, but were also arcane, and dealing with the unique UI was a pain in the butt. But don't go all the way to WoW UI. Keep it unique, but usable.

* More lush locations. Let's face it, you spent the first fifteen to thirty levels in wasteland, depending on where you went to grind, and to get the job/subjob mix you wanted, you did it FOUR TIMES. A greater variety of zones, or at least ones a tad more colorful and differentiated, would be very appreciated.

* Better questing/quest tracking. While the main FFXI stories were interesting, there were very few quests to be had, you had to find ALL of them, and they did nothing to really help your advancement. And since you had to be a decently high level to go through the main stories, that meant that you spent all the time between points A and B grinding. Exclusively. The quest setups in WoW, LotRO, and Warhammer are rather well done, and keep getting better as time passes. That's one way SE can learn from success.

* Better crafting. Don't get me wrong, it was nifty that anybody could attempt to craft anything, and that there was a chance to lose materials. But making all the recipes unable to be discovered except by trial and error, and making the way you try to craft so difficult, few people really bothered with crafting.

* No zone lines. These suck, particularly when you are being chased by one of the more tenacious monsters and they kill you because you stopped... because you were zoning.

* Fixed lag issues. One of the more irritating things about FFXI is when a party member is being chased by a monster, and you chase the monster trying to hit it. For some reason, every creature in the game has both the ability to hit you when you are running away, and the ability to not be hit when it is running away itself. That's really the only issue I can think of that needs fixing, though, as FFXI works very well off a 56k modem, with minimal lag.

Things I'd like to see SE keep:

* Mog Houses. The more recent ability to show off your little space to other people suddenly made decorating your Mog House a tad more interesting and important. In all, having a place to stay and put your stuff is a great idea. It'd only be more improved by allowing some players to have shared spaces, maybe for a slight fee for couples.

* Chobo breeding. The recent addition of this FF staple was a great idea. Admittedly the process still has issues, but I was never more proud than when my little chocobo grew into a huge, powerful Bastokan Blue, with claws that could likely shred rock.

* The job system. Really, for an MMO, this idea is sheer genius. The only adjustment I'd make to it is to make it more like the job system in the Tactics series, allowing for more complicated and deep characters.

* Linkshells. What was interesting about the way Linkshells were presented was that they were more like cell phones than guilds, something I'd personally like to see them lean more towards for the new game, perhaps by letting someone equip multiple "pearls" to talk to a few different groups of friends at a time.

* The new level system. The idea of your more fanatical friends being able to tone themselves down from being quite so uber so you can still play together despite them being at an obscene level comparatively is an excellent one, and one that other games would do well to copy.

* Burning Circle fights. Another inspired bit by SE, allowing parties to attempt difficult fights that they earned for decent loot. It's really the only "instanced" thing in FFXI, for better or worse, and was well executed.

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