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Posted: Dec 4th 2008 7:51AM (Unverified) said

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Leave the kids alone, Ban Prok, ooops he already has been banned from so many forums for inflamatory comments.

I believe this is the start of the end for kids in SL, and the end for role playing as well.
LL want the beta testers, (us, the ones who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating the game ), out of SL so that they can market it as a business tool to all the companies that are clamouring to get in (??? listens to the deathly silence ??).
They are killing off all reason to be an estate owner to make sure that only LL owns land, I know a few people who have lost nearly US$100,000 between them with the latest stupid OS sim moves.

The next move will be to ban kids completely, and that WILL be the end for SL, the end of fantasy play.

Sex sells in RL, so they will allow it and even promote it in SL for their corporate customers, and all the decent people will have left.

Posted: Dec 4th 2008 3:39PM (Unverified) said

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Another prime example for the fact that the g-team is a bunch of amok running cyber terrorists. There job should be to protect the rule and law abiding residents - but instead the rule and law abiding residents need to be protected from them.

Posted: Dec 4th 2008 5:15PM (Unverified) said

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The whole premise of Prok's argument is riddled with misconception and generalizations. Therefore it's invalid on it's face.

I have played both adult and kid avs (as well as a tiny squirrel).It depends on my mood, how silly I feel. I never take my kid av ANYWHERE that's not PG. It would be no fun, and sick, to do that. I play a child av on sl because it's fun, dammit. i have no abuse issues i'm working out, it's just fun. You sound like you forgot what "fun" is. That must suck.

The SL child community is the friendliest, most helpful and supportive group i've come upon in SL ('cept maybe tinies ... its a tie lol). They help me when weird grown ups bother me (ON MY OWN LAND NO LESS) and give me great newbie advice.

My rl is full of grown up stuff, so it's nice to take a fantasy break, wear a hello kitty poofer and build gingerbread houses. I cannnot get away with pink ruffles and poofers in rl, but it is FUN to imagine. (I cant look like Barbie in rl either, but my adult av can, and sometimes that's fun, too). Each and every other child av i have met has the same attitide. I'm no dummy, and my adult av has been around the block so to speak - I know there are corners for every perversion in sl - i'm sure there are kid avs being misused but they must be in microscopic numbers. Why overreact to such a rare event?

I'm personally extremely offended by depictions of Satanism and devil worship, but it's not my place to decide what other residents do with their time and L$. I just don't frequent places that offend me.

I take ENORMOUS offense at your CHILDISH assumptions that those of us who choose kid avs have some kinda issues to work out. Meh - some do, some dont - don't paint a large group with a broad brush. Didn't you learn that in kindergarten? Can you say prejudisssssssss? Have you SEEEN some of the stufff that adult av's spend HOURS and LLLLLL$$$ on? ICKYPOOOOO! Yet i'm sure you'd agree that the vast majority of adult av players arent massive sickos.Seems like others here have seen your attitide before, but i can't help telling you youre a reactionist wacko. Talk about issues!sheesh

Also you keep mentionin that we want to run around in our undies. No, we love our cool clothes. I personally don't care that much about swimming cuz i'm more into princess dresses, but now - a lil boy can't be topless at a PG beach? erm. That is truly perverse. Are you too narrow- and dirty-minded to see that this actually MAKES a topless little boy SEEM much more like a "lewd depiction?" And that it paradoxically catalyses the titillation of that horde of pedophiles you so dread? Its the lure of the forbidden. The discussion was about skins with "baked - on" undies so as to avoid accidental nudies, which was proposed as one way to placate LL. You didn't pick up on that part, too busy steamin up thinkin about us all in our undies I guess.

I have two young daughters and i know darn tootin I don't have to fear them hoppin on sl as a child av and luring pedos. Im far more concerned with the environment fostered on that new-fangly Myspace thing. Gasp did you know there are grownups on there pretending to be kids too?!!!- with no valid creative or social reason other than to prey on kids. However, that's life. There's risk , there are predators and we keep our kids safe as we can. Doesn't mean we should clamor to shut down myspace.

Calm down, dude. LL is a private company, I believe they will do what they are advised, to limit legal liability. Thus they will stay on the safe side. That's not really up to us, but hysterical hausfrau attitides like yours sure don't make it a funner place.

Posted: Dec 5th 2008 1:26AM (Unverified) said

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Another child avie debate? You have got to be kidding me! *tries to get herself settled before going on an anger rant*

First off- Prok- you are one of the biggest narrow-minded, ignorant, prejudice person I have come across. Yes, pedos will prey and oggle at SL children- but they are probably more likely going pick up and look at that sears catalog at that REAL LIFE children first.

I have a child avie, I also have an adult avie with 2 young kids, one teen, and two "adult" kids. I know I'm a busy woman- but I LOVE the kid avie scene. I have been in it for nearly 2 years now. TWO YEARS DAMMIT! No, I'm not a perv- actually quite the opposite. I love the kid avie scene because it is PG. I'm not frequenting clubs where adult avies are dressed half naked with their nipples and pubes showing, I'm not spending loads of money shopping, I'm playing and interacting with some of the sweetest, most caring, amazing individuals I have *ever* met in SL. All of my kids I consider some of my best RL friends.

They all wear clothing all the time, unless we are at the beach or at swim practice when they put their bathing suits on. OH NOES! THE HORROR! Have you ever seen a kid avie bathing suit? They are usually one piece that cover nearly as much as a tank and shorts.

99% of the kid avie world is PG- especially after all these child avie riots that have scared bad ones away. Yes, there are predators and I have run into many. What do we do? We tell them to go away, ban them from where we are (or leave immediately), mute them, and most importantly REPORT THEM TO LL FOR ABUSE!

There is absolutely no way to stop child predators in SL even if you make undie skins. Why? Because they get off on child avies in general- it's just a perk if they are nakie. They will hit on fully clothed kids or ones in their bathing suits- or sit and oogle at the pictures of skins. I bet you that if the same avie is showing up oogling at a skin and the owner found out they'd probably be banned and reported.

The ONLY way to stop child predators is to REPORT it. This should NOT be taken out on those playing kids at all- it should be a joined effort of EVERYONE to report these sickos as soon as they see it happening.

Posted: Dec 7th 2008 7:51AM (Unverified) said

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I once followed a link in one of Prokofy's ravings (apologies for the redundancy) on this topic; the conclusion was the opposite of the one claimed.

Would one rather have child avatar skins on display as adult skins are? Surely displaying them in underwear is a way to avoid displaying them nude, which would REALLY send some into apoplexy.

Also, is anyone actually re-enacting child abuse in SL? All the child avatars I've ever seen in SL are building things, playing, and just being children. Nice strawman, Prokofy.

Posted: Dec 9th 2008 1:47PM (Unverified) said

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I just read something that might be the cause of this sudden change in Linden policy.
Scroll on down and you'll see a little thing on an Act that was signed in October.

Here's the quote:
"...Thanks to the Protect Our Children Act of 2008, which was signed into law by the president in October, Internet service providers are now obligated to provide NCMEC with reports on any suspected child pornography that they detect on their networks. Failure to report such information to NCMEC is a crime."

Something to check out later.

Posted: Dec 28th 2008 1:33AM (Unverified) said

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but anybody with a child avatar can also use "New Body Parts" to create an alternate "Arnold Schwarzenegger" avatar. And if anybody messes with your kid, it only takes a second or two to click on "wear" Arnold, and start whupping butt. Am I missing something?

I'm not on SL yet (still waiting to get my cable broadband connection hooked up so I can get a Premium Membership), but I was thinking about using a 10-11 year old boy avatar and trying to relive my childhood, but better this time. Yes, I know that I have some issues, but none of them are sexual, which is the whole point of making my avatar pre-pubescent. Does anybody still sell such shapes and skins, either on- or off-SL? The "Avatar Toolbox" website recommends using the female shape to build children, but even at a breast setting of "0" your avatar is still going to have pretty large breasts. Doesn't work too good for a young boy. LOL

I've been playing with my wife's Basic membership character, but every time that I set her breast buoyancy/gravity settings to "0", I think that she wants to punch me right in the face. Oops. ROTFL Off-topic however. Have children completely disappeared from SL, or is anybody still serving this market?

Posted: Jan 3rd 2009 10:56AM (Unverified) said

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Somebody asked the question of "what is different about a child skin". I can think of a few differences (some of these only apply to female skins)...

1. Little or no makeup
2. No cleavage-creating shading in the breast area
3. Shading elsewhere will be modified to look good with a child shape with its less pronounced curves
4. If you were making a child skin without build-in undies (not allowed now) it would have smaller nipples and no pubic hair
5. (mostly for the men) No extreme muscle shading

Basically, these differences give you a result that looks like a child rather than a shrunken adult.

Posted: Jan 4th 2009 5:31AM (Unverified) said

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Such a fuss about nothing. In the future will avatars have to carry IDs to prove their age? The problem with such nit picking is that it will surely inspire competition. Are you ready for off-shore MMOs?

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