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Posted: Nov 11th 2008 7:03PM (Unverified) said

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Oh well. Sad to see him go.

Goodluck to him in whatever he chooses to do though!

Posted: Nov 11th 2008 9:34PM (Unverified) said

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Wow, MMOs are the only games that matter?

Nevermind that without the financial success of UO, your precious WoW would never have been dreamt of, and Blizzard would've stuck to churning out endless updates to single player games instead of endless updates to multiplayer games.

Since Aklabeth is at least a decade older than your average WoW player, I can forgive you kids from not knowing about it. But not knowing that Ultima had 14 or so incarnations (U 1-9, 7.5, Underworld 1+2, Worlds of Ultima 1+2) not counting console releases? Gee, your opinion is worth so much. I'll gladly take it over that of an industry pioneer like Richard Garriott who started with nothing and created one of the greatest franchises ever.

Pathetic. LB had a huge fortune and string of hits including Ultima, Wing Commander, Crusader, etc. before you children were even a broken condom away from being spawned.

Posted: Nov 11th 2008 11:09PM J Brad Hicks said

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Garriott leaving NCsoft isn't the end of Tabula Rasa. It may actually be the beginning of saving it. It means that NCsoft can turn it over to someone who doesn't still think that "kill 10 rats" is cutting-edge mission design. (Not to mention someone who won't make himself and his girlfriend the two main characters that nobody else in the game can possibly measure up to.)

The cult of the celebrity MMO designer is now officially dead.

Posted: Nov 12th 2008 4:47AM BubleFett said

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I guess he finally realized his true calling.

I think the community has been the driving force in making the game better, thus far.

Maybe he will meet with the Bane up in space one
of these days, and try to save humanity.

Posted: Nov 12th 2008 7:05AM (Unverified) said

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Old saying...

"Judge a man after you have walked a mile or more in his shoes."

How many of YOU have made such groundbreaking developments in gaming?

Oh you play them, you curse at them, you flame them when they don't EXACTLY conform to what you want, and above all else you BUY THEM!

Say what you will about the man, his accomplishments are not to be sneered at. He started in his GARAGE for heavens sake! And he managed his life long dream.

You want to bash the man, no one can stop you. But think for a moment, where would we be if he HADN'T done what he did?

My personal feeling is we would still be playing single player games. And wondering if there was anything better.

And as a dedicated TR player, those of you who enjoy bashing the title having never played it... well... stay away, we don't need you.

Posted: Nov 12th 2008 10:44AM (Unverified) said

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I played TR for about 8 months. Great game. I loved it.

I don't RG leaving is the end, considering that his involvment w/ the game (at least in the public. Not at the Austim offices) was minmal at best.

I thin a tell tale sign of the game's future are as follows:

A) The lead Dev, the Comm Rep, and now the studio head have all left w/in the last month. Haven't seen deptures like this, since mortgage brokers during the real estate crash.

B) Opperation Immortality didn't pull in very many subscribers. I was still playing the game during that event, and persoanlly, didn't see much of pop increase.

C) Crafting, weapons, zone and now mech/sniper additions are being added. While valued and exremely better then before, it still doesn't add the depth of other (read:grind) games. The COCPs were given a heafty chunk of dev time and resources, and were all but abandoned. It was a slap inthe face of the players when they'd been asking for progress for so long.

I personally think the future of the game is going to rely highly on the addition of "back to Earth". If it doesn't resonate w/ gamers, we won't see much effort given to the game after RG's depature.

Posted: Nov 16th 2008 3:30AM (Unverified) said

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It's like a film. The film is complete and the writer and director moves on. There may be sequels to that film, but they aren't necessarily done by the same director or writer.

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