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Posted: Nov 3rd 2008 11:40AM Softserve said

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I suppose in their defense a lot of the major MMORPGs can be scaled down significantly. Certainly WoW can be scaled back even more, but that's what happens when a game is built on an older engine.

It is a frustrating thing. I know most of my friends are not willing to keep up with these things. Luckily with scaling it usually works out, but I cringe when they send me screen shots of their setup lol.

I think if the Games for Windows concept was handled better it could have had some impact on standardization. Of course, it wound up being no more useful than those PC DVD icons on every other game out there.

Posted: Nov 3rd 2008 12:30PM (Unverified) said

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I don't really think PC gaming needs to worry about competing with console gaming. They're different beasts, for different types of gamers (or addicts like me who do both).

I realize that as the game industry grows up, it is attracting a lot of business types who will say and do anything to expand market share, but the reality is that PC gaming has always been for people who have the patience and money to tinker with their computers.

Why should that change?

Console games are relatively cheap, fast, and fun. PC games have the potential to be deeper, richer experiences full of user-generated content and much longer shelf lives, for the people willing to invest the time and money.

The market is big enough for both, and I think that the folks crying about PC games 'dying' or being in decline or whatever, are really just greedy. PC games aren't going anywhere, and hopefully they aren't going to be simplified beyond all recognition.

Posted: Nov 8th 2008 11:14AM Ozmodan said

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Well I have to disagree. The problem with console games, the game designers don't want to write a console game that requires a mouse and keyboard, so what you end up with is a dumbed down game with limited limited controls due to the gamepad.

I don't even own a console right now, all the games I want are on the PC since I mainly play MMO's. Even Conan has put their console version on the backburner to get the PC version up to snuff. I think they are finding it far harder to write a game that handles both platforms.

Smedley over at SOE thinks consoles are the next great area for MMO's. All I can say is, his history pretty significantly indicates he is wrong most of the time.

Who knows what the future will bring or what changes we will see in the console market, but when you look at the current offerings in the console market, the PC offers a far better gaming experience.

Oh and I built a nice gaming computer, that runs Conan fine for a little over $500. So the author exaggerated a bit when it comes to price on a gaming computer.

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