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Posted: Oct 11th 2008 4:04PM (Unverified) said

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Something I've noticed about guilds from the many I've been with across many MMOs (it's especially worse on CoH):

-Guilds try have a "PG-13" policy on Ventrilo and guild chat in-game, yet Officers seem "void" of this rule.

>>>The problem with PG-13 policy is that the game that most are playing, that most MMO games are: Is violence, killing, beating, burning, blowing up violence! Seriously, it's typical American hypocricy: "Violence and sex are okay, but language is bad." That's so backwards it's doing a 360 and looking out it's own arse. And, it's just ironic that most people in general have used those words and used them atleast twice within a single year (especially more then that if living in a large city on a daily commute).

Another thing about it is: officers have an ego trip and if you don't do what they say when they say it they'll go ballistic. They think, by having an officer's position that gives them entitement to boss people around and tell them what to do, how to play, ect. This is seriously annoying considering that "it's my $15 a month and I can play how I want to". No, that's not how they see it though...my only guess is that they work at some job (if they have one at all) where they're at the lowest possible position and every other person around them bosses them around all day long.

And, the final noticable thing about guilds:
-Cliques. Again, this is most noticable about officers, but groups that stick together and don't allow for other players within the guild to even group with them. This, of course, includes raids and instances, which screws with the whole point of guilds.

Posted: Oct 11th 2008 5:27PM Graill440 said

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Interesting title, game guilds are a joke, unregulated, unpoliced and made for an elite few to "use" the fodder they take in to further their own needs, nothing more.

The first problem with nearly all guilds is the inability to reach out and discipline a player in real life when they need it, hence the drama that occurrs, everyone is safe behind a monitor.

i know of one guild in wow that has all real life members, 102 friends that have at some point met or talked or partied with or had barb-q's together. There is no drama, and there is the respect to each other because they indeed "do" know one another.

if you do not know your guild members in real life it is a moot point to think anything constructive other than the furtherment of a select clik in said guild is happening, if you think otherwise your fooling yourself.

serious business? no serious fraud, only the core clik will ever see anything worthwile unless one is unavailable and the others need a fill in,

Knowing the folks you play with in real life makes virtual interaction more respectful and takes on meaning once you have met them...........

oh,.......and you will be loathe to screw someone over if they know where you live.

Posted: Oct 14th 2008 2:58PM (Unverified) said

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I disagree with Possum here. Outside of my roommate, I have never met any of my Guildmates outside of Azeroth. This certainly doesn't mean that i am any less respectful to them.

If anything I am more disrespectful to friends of mine that i know outside of Azeroth, because their just that friends. I think that drawing a distinction between people you know inside and outside of Wow is deceiving. Just because Wow is a Video Game, doesn't mean your connections or relationships that develop between friends are any less real.

And Possum, just because you were in a guild that was controlled by Cliques does not mean all guilds are that way. The guild i'm in now will gladly bring along anyone who wants to raid, assuming their gear is up to it. We will also give advice and help out with any numbers of subjects, from gemming for raids to technical computer issues.

We are also not afraid to show someone the door who doesn't think they need to work on their gear or character/spec or wants to be carried through to better gear.

I think that a lot of guilds are what you make them to be. If you do find a guild that's just a clique and a few hangers on then leave. And the whole thing about not "Getting to know" people because they are on the other side of a monitor, maybe even worlds away, is a load of Fel Puppie poop.

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