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Posted: Oct 5th 2008 5:24PM Ozmodan said

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I really don't understand why Sony lets Mr Smedley continue in that position. Instead of using the term innovative, I think a better one would be foolhardy.

Not to say that MMO's can't be both for PC and console, just that a mouse/keyboard combination is a far better control mechanism than the console controller. And most of these games include pvp where if you don't have good controls, you are going to be on the losing end, alot.

Also, the game controls have to be dumbed down to use the controller. Not something players want.

As to Smedley's intention to move away from the subscription model to the item store model is just a bad decision. While some of the free to play MMO's are using this model successfully, the retention rate on these games is much lower than the subscription games, hence everything is based on short term revenue.

The only thing that Smedley assures Sony of is continued mediocre revenues from what was once the leading MMO developer.

Sony will continue to be an also ran, as long as he is in charge.

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