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Posted: Sep 18th 2008 11:53PM Meurik said

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Getting less and less confidence in this project as time moves on.

The developers claim to be adhering to Star Trek canon, and yet they plan to add features to Star Trek Online, that is so not-Star Trek. Customizable uniforms? Please... Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Forces are both military organisations. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, would understand that the military has a common look for all of their personell.

Customizable ships is one thing... we've seen in Star Trek that engineers love to "tweak" existing ship systems. We've seen engineers customize the internal ship systems such as the warpdrive and sensor systems. But not once have we seen external modifications to the ships hull (other than the Borg modifications added to the USS Voyager).

Posted: Sep 19th 2008 3:34AM (Unverified) said

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All MMOs have to be slightly lenient on the canon. I haven't been keeping up with the project (stopped when they said there was no PvP, but looks like there is now?), but I think it's fair to say about 3,000 people in the Star Trek universe may not be part of the army and have their own factions. The Star Trek series doesn't touch up on every small time group in the universe or possibly small groups allowed into the federation (stretching it a bit, but you have to for MMOs).

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