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Posted: Sep 5th 2008 10:22AM (Unverified) said

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Tinfoil hats are fully engaged...

Aka: SS is running PR interference after Ombey's http://www.ombeve.co.uk/ continue to improve, and the new dynamic maps at http://evemaps.dotlan.net/ get in the way of his business plan - they're both free resources - with a feature that's only really useful as pointer to his own maps.

Having a member of the player elected council in a business relationship with the publishers of the game's official magazine; no, that's not disturbing at all.

Nice feature, SS, but please - gentle author - remember to add value by including links to the community non-commercial alternatives.

Posted: Sep 5th 2008 11:41AM (Unverified) said

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Hey michael. The tin foil's not necessary in this case, I have no bias towards one map or other. When I began the game I used the free downloadable 2D maps (Ombey's) which I agree are much-improved; I've never used the Dotlan maps before, but now that I've seen it, I do like that search feature. Still, I'm most familiar with SS's strategic maps, which I bought recently, and that's probably what I'll stick with for a while.

There are some disadvantages to using physical maps in a setting that's constantly changing, but my own preference is to have something I can look at off screen. I used to print out Ombey's EVE Regions maps a while back too, to fill that need.

I'll likely cover more on free map alternatives at some point in the future as I have in the past --


-- but that wasn't really the point in this post. What struck me as interesting is that the 2D minimap functions in the in-game browser (finally, a use for it beyond EVE-Survival) and tracks your progress as you jump from system to system. I think it's cool. I don't want to use the word 'gimmicky' but is it something I'll use daily? Doubtful. And as was mentioned on the forums, the ability to zoom would make it a lot more useful. But it's still interesting and uses what's available to all EVE players in a new way. Definitely post-worthy, I'd say.

Well, I'm glad you pointed out the Dotlan maps, that's a new one for me. And there are a lot of (free !!) community-developed resources out there for EVE players beyond EVEMon and EFT and it seems there are always new things turning up. Ultimately I'd like to explore these a bit more at Massively. All things in time...


Posted: Sep 7th 2008 4:08AM Brendan Drain said

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Holy moly, this looks really handy. This is one of those things I love about EVE, players will alwys fill the gaps in the game's developments that CCP may not see. EVE's greatest asset is and has always been its playerbase.

I wouldn't be surprised if a simple mini-map became an optional part of the standard user interface, the standard F10 map and F11 minimaps are clunky and often laborious to deal with.

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