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Posted: Aug 31st 2008 12:27PM (Unverified) said

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can you please make a transcript? It's very hard to understand this. Although I loled at the Age of Conan remark

Posted: Aug 31st 2008 1:28PM (Unverified) said

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Mordheim. It would make perfect sense as a Darkness Falls type dungeon. I hope they do something with it.

Posted: Aug 31st 2008 3:01PM (Unverified) said

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Interviewer: If you have a stable launch what will you guys be focusing on initially? After launch, a couple of months after, a month after. After everything's been stable, after the you know...
Jeff: ummmm
Paul: I table that question to Jeff Hickman.
J: I don't know if I can answer that, I can tell you this - we've been planning the first two years for a while now, we are already in pre-production on the expansion, but that's not our focus. Our focus is getting the game out, our focus is making sure we have a stable launch, our focus is making sure that for a month to two to three months after launch that anything we need to do to make the game fun, better or whatever. Whatever it is. (...) We don't know, until we launch we don't know what we're going to do. Now, we have lots of plans for a live team (?) as far as things that we're going to do to enhance the game, things that we're going to do to enhance certain systems in the game. But I can't talk about any of that because we need to launch the game first.
I: Exactly, I understand that. (...) I think the biggest stigma with a lot of players is to look at a recently launched game ...
J: What could you be talking about?
I: A certain barbarian (...)
P: Hey, I found out the age of Conan, he's thirty-six years old. That is the age of Conan.
I: (laughs)
J: Interesting.
I: A lot of us have that worry that, hey you know, the game launches (...) beta (...) what is there afterwards?
J: Ah man, I'll tell you. When you guys hear what we have planned, we had so much experience with Dark Age of Camalot, we know what our lifecycle is going to be like, we know all the little cool things we're going to do, the medium-sized cool things we're going to do and all the big-sized cool things we're going to do. And we've been sitting down and talking about, you know what the players are going to like? This... how about... this? And... this. And it's cool new stuff, expansions on our current stuff. We're really excited, not just for launch but what comes after.
I: Awesome. Awesome! To that end, what timeframe do you think we're looking at for previously cut content that isn't in the game right now? Is there any kind of window?
J: Yes, but I can't tell you what it is. This is a stupid answer but it's the best answer I can give you, it's: we're going to do them when the time is right, and we're going to do them as soon as we can.
I: Awesome.
P: We've actually got a wealth of thing we want to do.
J: Yes.
P: Tonnes, not just stuff we've announced, but stuff that's been on our whiteboards forever.
J: Yes!
P: Where we go 'You know what? We need to get down to all these areas'. What we're looking for at all times where we're making the game deeper...
J: Yes.
P: making the game richer, looking at what works and looking at what doesn't work. One of the things that people would have known if they've been in our beta, which has been running now for nine months?
J: (...)
P: Is that we're reactive, we take a lot of data...
J: Monster improvement. (?)
P: and we are constently going 'You know what? It doesn't matter what we think is right, we need to put in what is right for our customers' (...)
J: That's right.
P: What you're going to see is more of that. I mean, you've been in our beta for how long?
I: June of last year.
P: What's been your experience of about how we've run it(?)
I: Well exactly, in the feature I wrote, the memo(?) feature that's exactly what I said. Assuming the best is what happens in (...) then there's no reason not to believe otherwise.
J: Absolutely.

Posted: Aug 31st 2008 3:03PM (Unverified) said

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I: You know, even in the last three to eight months it's just been (...)
J: It will continue that way. I can tell you that we are already working on stuff for the live game.
I: And there's been a lot of communication of that.
J: It's like, you look at all of our Unique Selling Points, (...) we've got public quests we've got RvR, we've got all these things. Then we look at how our players have reacted to them in beta and it's like, 'Yes'. Public quests are a winner, let's focus more attention on that. We're going to make it deeper and better and more attractive. OMG, RvR of course. It's a winner!
I: Yeah.
J: I mean BOOM! Huge.
I: Oh yeah.
J: We're going to do more stuff with RvR, you can guarantee it. Tome of Knowledge, same way. OMG, we're going to go deeper and broader with the Tome of Knowledge and do some stuff... (fog horn)
I: Awesome. Lets see... (fog horn) What would either of you or both of you, love to see make it into the game that hasn't survived. That just couldn't be done.
P: Orbital sattelite strikes from the chaos moon.
I: Woah.
P: We wanted to do them but they're a really big thing. And the problem we have with those sorts of mechanics is that they have a terrorfying effect on RvR. And with the reduction in capital cities, to have two fantastic cities the big super things, they're going to have to wait. Mega artillary is going to have to wait. The mega artillary that we always wanted in and have the designs for that we basically had to pull back on, if we ever get round to it and get it balanced, putting back in sattelite strikes from the chaos moon.
I: Awesome.
J: I have a lot of little things (...) that I'd love to see go in. I'm not saying they're going to but if I had my way, and a lot of times I do, I'd love to see them in. The sorts of things like characters that change as you progress through the game, something we talked about a lot, we have a plan for, we know what the design is, it's possible to do. I'd love to see if we can make it happen. We might not get to. I think that at some point doing an RvR dungeon like we do in Darkness Falls in Dark age of Camelot I think is a slam-dunk for our game, one of the things we've talked about a lot that I'd love to see go in.
I: Awesome. Couple more, this one's for all the Warhammer fans. (...) or vampire counts. If you had your pick.
J: For what?
I: Tabletop, let's say...
J: You mean personally or for our game?
P: Bear in mind that what you're talking about there is wet-undead and dry-undead. Wet-undead is genrally European, dry-undead genrally north African. My preference because of my culture where I come from I'm a wet-undead person and wet-undead is genrally one that appeals to most Westerners...
J: Sexy.
P: Therefore vampire counts, wet-undead that's what I go for every time. That's my calling. I like the imagry of the dry-undead, there's something cool about casting(?) souls, mummies, Egypt and the rest of it but on a basic core driver, wet-undead every time for me. That gets me all frothy.
J: (...)
I: Each faction right now has a total of up to four careers, in the future at any time can we expect to see a fifth or a sixth career?
J: It's possible.
I: It's possible?
J: We've talked about it.
I: I mean, (...) everyone loves...
P: Everyone loves the greenskins. What we're looking for here is utility. We're looking for utility, we're looking for 'What can we add that will make the best possible impact for the majority of the subscribers and the players in the most productive way?' So you have a be a bit careful with designers(?) sometimes they can get a bit carried away. And they get an idea in their head and they go 'Ooo, we should have this idea.' Not because it's what we need...
J: Because it's cool.
P: What we are looking for is wants(once?), we need what we want and then what we need. What we need is more important than what we want.(??) Just because we want vampires doesn't mean that you need vampires. Everything goes on that (...)
I: Final question. The open group system and the public quest system, the way you just jump in and find groups and find friends and find people to play with is amazing and great...
J: Thank you.
I: and a huge step forward I think. It's increasing the visibility of grouping and the social aspects of MMOs.
J: We're putting the 'Massively' back into MMOs.
I: Exactly. Being Massively.com we love that.
P: Shameless.
I: What I'm wondering is, in the future will we see further steps for say, more visibility for guilds? Making guilds in-game, joining guilds, advertising guilds possibly.
J: Yes.
P: We love guilds.
J: So, the first unit is groups then the next unit is guilds and that expands into communities. (...) we do alliances and realms, it all builds on each other. So it's super-important for us to enable people to find guilds, to be in guilds, to love guilds, to progress guilds. It's why we have a living guild system like we do.
P: Because it's unique and wonderful and fantastic.
J: Absolutely. So we've talked about and had a preliminary system in-game for (...) looking for guild and that kind of stuff. It wasn't as good as we wanted so we pulled back on it a little bit. We'll probably push that out on live after we've launched the game. There will be something like that eventually.
I: Awesome!

Posted: Aug 31st 2008 4:37PM (Unverified) said

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Thanks so much. Appreciate it!

Posted: Aug 31st 2008 6:43PM (Unverified) said

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Thank you Chainsore, that audio quality made my ears bleed, and in spite of all that noise that was a decent interview, I didn't know that they had plans for "Mega Artillery" sweet.

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