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Posted: Aug 25th 2008 8:48PM (Unverified) said

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Well it may not be the "WoW Killer," but it'll cleave a limb or two off for sure. I'm guessing no one is recalling the fact that a lot of hard core PvPers in WoW are fairly unhappy with the current modes available to them within the game to crush their enemies. Warhammer Online has proven itself to offer everything they want, i.e. active world PvP (I guess every one else forgot that world PvP in WoW = fail)

Not only that, but how long has WoW been out? 4 years? I've been playing since release until about three months ago or so.

Frankly, I'm tired of Blizzard. Let's hope Mythic treats us better ;).

Posted: Aug 27th 2008 11:25PM (Unverified) said

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Everyone talks about WoW being such a finished game, so polished and comfortable. I wonder if any of you played beta or release? It kinda felt like playing Warcraft 2 close up in 2nd/3rd person as an RPG. WoW may be the first generation MMO, but when Blizzard decided to make WoW they had it made already. No competition, a fair fanbase, and a transitional console period where not many hot releases were coming out.

If there's a WoW killing it's either going to be WAR or the Trekkie MMO =p. These 2 titles have tons and tons of fanbase, lore, 'hobbies', etc. Remember, Star Trek was pretty much considered a RELIGION and is still held as high by lots today. And Warhammer is a 20ish year old hobby. Warcraft didn't exist even 15 years ago, let alone 20.

Blizzard has shunned a good chunk of it's player base by going solely PvP. It was an outstanding RPG, until unbalanced classes and welfare gear entered the picture. I love going to a raid, and 20+ people are standing there in Season 3/4 going, "What? I'm ready for some PvE!" Or the people that spend countless hours working for full badge gear so they can say, "Look at me, I'm Tier 5 equivalent and have never done a raid above karazhan!!" The hardcore playerbase which I would guess is about 35-45% are pretty dissapointed. I do believe WoW is going downhill.

So what if WAR has simple capture the point scenarios, like shortened AV's. Can you mass together and take over Stormwind? Or raid Blue Moon's gathering spot? Does your guild in WoW have a guild hall? Pffttt... No, find a partner, roll a unbalanced class, and feel like your #1 with 2200 arena rating. Oh don't forget, do your monotonous dailies ;-).

All that's been beta tested so far is a scenario or two, and the ability to capture outdoor towns. There hasn't been keeps, there hasn't been no capital take overs. I can't wait to mass together with hundreds of fellow players to take over the enemies capital city and send them back to their spawn points. Muhaha.

Not sure about the Star Trek mmo, can't say much. But WAR has the potential to be a WoW killer. ESPECIALLY with the majority of WoW players converting to hardcore PvP.

Posted: Aug 27th 2008 8:39AM (Unverified) said

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I don't think warhammer will be a WoW killer, but I think a larger portion of the games playerbase will leave for it than ever before for another mmo. WAR is a stable, fun game, with unique classes and a heavy pvp playstyle, but still with alot of pve quests, that are easily on par with wow's pve questing experience, if not greater.

I know for certain that I will be going with WAR over WoW and I've been playing wow since release. All I do is sit around in town now, thinking, hey I could do a heroic, but I'd rather not because I hate having to rely on other people. Hey I could do a battleground, but lol, I've been doing them for nearly 4 years, no thanks.

There is no war in warcraft, only pve grindfest or pvp in a box and I for one couldn't be more than happy to leave.

Posted: Aug 27th 2008 10:12PM Abriael said

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Warhammer Online won't be a WoW killer. It doesn't need nor aims to be one. But at least IMHO, Warhammer Online is significantly better than WoW in basically every aspect of the game.
I think it's safe to assume that Warhammer Online will put a significant dent on WoW's playerbase, and will most possibly be successful enough (a few millions) to be considered a dangerous competitor even number-wise and not only quality-wise.

There are a few things that set Warhammer Online apart from the other games that, in the years, came to challenge WoW:

1: content: Most products that reached the market since the release of WoW were seriously unfinished, expecially in their contents. With 38 open areas and 2 massive capitals that put every city in WoW (and in most other MMORPG) to shame, this without even counting dungeons, and an astonishing wide variety of things to do, Warhammer Online is the most content-rich and varied (at the stage of release) MMORPG to ever reach the shelves during the whole history of the genre

2: marketing: A big part of WoW's success is due to Blizzard/Vivendi's marketing power. Such power is something that very little gaming companies can come to match, even SOE, despite being a branch of sony, doesn't have that kind of marketing and communication resources. Warhammer Online can count on the marketing power of EA, that can easily stand on even ground with Activision Blizzard. In europe we even already saw the warhammer trailer on MTV

There's more, expecially content-wise (I wrote an extensive review of the beta myself that you can find here http://classygamer.blogspot.com/2008/08/classy-gamer-warhammer-online-beta.html )

So, do I think that WAR will kill WOW? No, most definately no. Will it be a dangerous competitor and put a dent in wow's playerbase? Most probably. But no, Blizzard idn't done farming their players.... ahem... I meant Blizzard's players aren't done farming... umh... whatever :P

Posted: Sep 8th 2008 1:11PM (Unverified) said

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I absolutely agree with the above poster. I have been playing WoW since open beta, and honest to god, this game has steadily gone downhill ever since TBC hit the shelves.

I'm currently running a T6 guild, and the majority of our core of raiders is likely leaving for WAR. (We are all mostly in the beta). The reasons?

1. Real PvP (RvR) with real rewards, whether they are items, experience, renown, etc... there is some benefit to killing other players outside the purchase of poorly itemized welfare epics.

2. There is nothing more frustrating that an applicant to my guild who has T5/6 QUALITY gear on, but has never set foot into an instance past Karazhan... or one who thinks that his PvP epics are sufficient for raiding. Ever try and explain what +hit rating is (and why he needs 202 of it) to a warlock who thinks his application to a BT guild (which CLEARED T5 thanks much) should be accepted purely on the basis that he has "all epics"? You don't know what frustration is till you have.

3. How many yetis did you have to kill before Helcular's Rod finally dropped? Or did you just skip that quest chain out of frustration? 'Nuff said.

4. Armor should look like armor... not painted on "textures" that look like they were implemented by a preschooler with a handful of crayons.

5. Tanks and healers can KILL STUFF. Soloing as a healing class is enjoyable!

6. Arenas were the equivalent of a band-aid on a slashed throat. The system is too easy to exploit, and too many people just buy points for gear they didn't earn.

7. Lore, lore, LORE!!! Blood Elves? Somewhat believable. Squid-faced space goats that crashed onto Azeroth in an interstellar spacecraft? Are you KIDDING ME?? (And the newest? Theyre releasing a MOTORCYCLE mount called "The Hog" in WotLK. Riiiight.

8. UI is completely customizable without the use of third party programs.

Will WAR be a WoW killer? I think that depends on the person. For me? It sure is, as for most of my guild... which will be reforming in WAR, likely on an open RvR server. Frankly, I'd be more than happy with a few million subscribers. Let all the whiners and the carebears and the people constantly bitching for nerfs stay on WoW IMO. It's a piece of crap game with bad graphics that caters to morons and adapts to casuals rather than rewarding those who put in the time and effort to try and excel at it.

Posted: Sep 14th 2008 3:21PM (Unverified) said

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I believe WoW cannot be killed, and I have played many different MMORPGS after getting bored with WoW. But those MMOs just don't have the same gameplay as WoW, even if the graphics are better. However I have been researching different things about WAR and I have to say, I am very impressed. Not only does WAR have similar if not better graphics then WoW, but the gameplay seems to be the same as WoW.

This will make the game a huge success because even if you hit the max level and get tired of raiding the cities with your character, you simply start a knew class and do the same things only with different spells and ablilities. After all isn't that what everyone does in WoW? You reach 70 get your tier 6 gear, then what? You start a new character and do it again.

In WAR the pvp is similar to WoW's which is a good thing because WoW is the first MMORPG I know of that got the pvp down correctly. In other MMOs you just stand there and hope for the best, but in WoW you can actually out maneuver your opponents. If you can do that in WAR then the pvp will be fun.

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