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Posted: Aug 10th 2008 8:32PM Jeromai said

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> But double XP, as enticing as it is, debases the currency in the games making it more difficult to keep purchasing enhancements beyond that weekend.

I don't quite get how you came to this conclusion. From previous double xp weekends, the prices came right back down after a week or so and restabilized.

Prices shoot up during double xp simply because more people are willing to spend more. They think "gee, that'll just take me a few rounds of farming to earn back" and plop, goes the couple million on whatever they want.

It's a great time to sell. There was one double xp weekend, before Cimerora came into existence, where I ran lowbie alts through Dark Astoria accumulating arcane salvage. I kept all the rares for myself for future crafting, but the common ones used for making recipes (also selling like hotcakes) were going for inflated prices.

I figure the middlemen were turning a larger than usual profit on crafted enhs, and weren't afraid to bid in 10k increments. That pretty much got all my lowbies rolling in wealth for future enhancements.

As for why a lvl 13 enhancement sold for more than a lvl 35-40 enhancement, it's simple. You're looking at the wrong qualifier for value. Level just means a small increment in percentage value, plus less people being able to slot it in (because they have to be near that level range). The crucial factor is: what was it?

A defence set like Luck of the Gambler, or a hard to get proc is going to be more valuable to more people, than something like a dime-a-dozen confuse or a snipe.

Certain lower level enhancements are also hunted by PvPers of a certain level range - twinking themselves out the best they can for a certain zone.

The best thing about the CoX economy is that it really helps those not chasing for the very best to siphon off some money from the mad-crazy achievers - just by selling a rare drop or two. And I suppose the mad-crazy achievers have a new goal to attain by accumulating their desired enhs one piece at a time.

Trader types and middlemen are probably overjoyed by the sheer lack of economic sense of most of the population.

There's also a middle ground that I fall into. The build tweaking game of checking market prices and crafting an enhancement combination on the fly that performs better than SOs, but doesn't break the bank. Most of my enhs are bought for 100k or so as I level up. Only at 50, do I think about splurging 1mil a time to "finish" the build.

Posted: Aug 10th 2008 11:43PM Heraclea said

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There is another dynamic that actually makes some lower level invention enhancements more valuable than higher level ones.

Now, most invention enhancements function like others, and increase their bonuses with increasing levels. There are a few that work differently. An enhancement with, for example, a fixed level of knockback protection; or a percentage chance for "build-up" (a damage and accuracy bonus) works exactly the same throughout the level range for which the set is available.

The only difference between a low level version and a higher level is that the lower level can be equipped sooner and used over a longer stretch of the game. Many of these enhancements are pricey at any level; but the lower level ones tend to be the costliest in the spread; they are more useful than the high level versions.

This may be counterintuitive for some. Myself, I am just glad that loot in CoH/V is personal and private. Your drops are not disclosed to teammates. There is no mechanism under which team leaders can decide who gets what. This removed my biggest fear from adding loot to the game, and has kept the player base relatively friendly.

Posted: Aug 11th 2008 11:57AM (Unverified) said

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Agreed. After most task forces I've been on, people post their rare recipies to the chat to show and tell, some get lucky and some don't, but there's no in-fighting over who gets the best. It's all luck of the draw.

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