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Posted: Jul 30th 2008 2:22PM (Unverified) said

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Love the podcast .. I have bloged my thoughts onthis:

KOTOR MMO is a bad idea

There is a saying that a good engineer does not make a good manager. I believe this applies to the KOTOR MMO idea. This also applies here; KOTOR is a great engineer who will make a horrible manger.
KOTOR was a fantastic single player RPG .. full rich dialog, fantastic story as you as the hero. This will not work in an MMO.

Reason I think this:

SWG . the new post NGE version. Click to shoot combat, you can be a Jedi .. based on this SWG should be blossoming as an MMO. However it is not.

AoC .. A complete destiny quest system, with dialog and story line. And its novelty wore out quickly now AoC players rant on just click “1” “1” “1” .. not even reading it. Long story lines will NOT survive in MMOs … most players just click “accept” and head to the waypoint to kill x rats.

PvP – PvP balancing ruins MMOs. Yep I said it. PvP belong in TF2, BF2 .etc. And where everyone will need to be the same due you will not become the hero. You will be one of the thousands Jedi running around.
Double edge sword.. make KOTOR MMO with out PvP and you will take a lots of flames from a player based that expects all MMOs to have some form of PvP.

I loved KOTOR and believe it did a fantastic twist on the Star Wars universe and presents great game play. However it will not make good MMO.

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