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Posted: Jul 25th 2008 2:18PM (Unverified) said

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It's clearly a wow-clone.


Posted: Aug 22nd 2008 3:56AM (Unverified) said

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I would advise any parent to avoid this game like the plague if there child is under 18. The community is full of people openly talking about there love of "lolicon, aka hentai style porn of underage children". Derogatory comments to other players and GM's. Open flaming of other players who stand up to those controlling "shout" in the game. Pedophile comments by so many players have made this game a new safe heaven for such predators. I've tried to make a change in the cummunity but since I've been playing and making reports NOTHING has stopped this from going on and NETTS "claims" to have taken actions but the same people are there everyday.

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