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Posted: Jul 21st 2008 5:33PM (Unverified) said

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Unholy Looks good if your sticktly a solo Player. Good damage and nice AoE, but your DPS per opponent is low. AoE parties is pretty much the only group activity it would work for.

Blood will probably be the most common. High burst damage and quick pulls, with just a little freeze trap added in for a bit more damage, it seems. With the life staling slugs in pay, that seems like it could go on for ever, so long as they don't get themsevles mobbed.

Frost seems like it would be best for Raids and team PvP. The Cool down on that AoE Frost trap seems a little high, so that amazing burst damage won't happen to often. The player showed a certain since of humour while resting with thier opponents frozen solid. All in all, the 1st and 3rd builds looked like decent Crowd control in PvP(forse the healer to run or Just out right freeze them solid for 10 seconds). They may replace other DPS classes on some people PvP group roster for those reasons. The 2nd build looks like its a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. I would like to see how it handles with out the slugs, since those would be hard to keep in PvP, as they appear to be spawned from the bodies of enemies. With Ven and Butch going, it might still be a good tank and have a nice DPS. Just on the grounds that it uses alot of magic, I doubt it will share the same weakness faced by Paladins, so I wonder how they plan on balancing them.

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