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Posted: Jul 15th 2008 3:57AM Jeromai said

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Yeah, they did just change the 'grey quest = no xp' thing. I read the patch notes barely a few hours after I typed that, and I was mildly miffed.

Why, I'm not sure. I'm not amused nor pleased by that change. It's not like there's a lot of quest content to begin with - why take away more options until you have some meatier stuff in there?

Call me spoiled by the level of interaction of City of Heroes' current design team, but I do wish Funcom would share some kind of rationale behind their odd changes. Oddly enough, I'm still scoring xp on greyed out crafting quests that were in my quest log. So I'm not even sure the implementation was successful.

Well, Funcom has until WAR releases to get their act together and push out patches that show they're working toward some kind of unified vision of the game. They've got the quantity of patching down pat, the quality, though, has been up and down.

(The core combat is still enjoyable for me, I like stuff more visceral and immediate in action than autoattack, so the journey has been fun. Couple that with new MMO smell and the fun of exploring unpolished nooks and crannies that aren't filed for posterity on some third-party wiki, I've personally gotten a lot out of AoC.)

We'll see what the destination looks like in a few months, and if it looks schizophrenically undecided, AoC will haemorrhage yet another player.

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