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Posted: Jun 19th 2008 9:15AM Wgraves said

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What CCP needs to do at this point is to allow the player run news to be the only news in game. Seed, or feed the stories to the players if they must but the news from CCP is really over the top(in a bad way). There are real news organizations that have figured out how to write compelling/ interesting/ not boring news, follow what they do.

Also more frequent smaller news stories would be better, almost a rss feed in game like the ticker at the bottom of a tv news station. They could also include item prices that have risen or fallen drastically and have it set to auto create those messages, or possibly create news around high kill system warnings. There are a lot of differing game mechanics that could generate shorter more relevant news.

All in all i believe the news should be more like the real news, relevant, quick, interesting.

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