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Posted: Jun 18th 2008 10:18AM (Unverified) said

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I just read Lums blog listed in this article. The whole point to the thing is he says it's fun cause you get to light people on fire ...


Yea. That makes a lot of sense. Put up with all the stupid crap in this game just to light people on fire. Cause we all know there aren't ANY other games out there where you can burn people with fire magic. That's so completely new and unheard of.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 10:38AM Crsh said

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Sooo.. which is it, you don't like AoC so nobody should enoy it, or you can't somehow resolve all the visual glitches 1 out of 10 out there gets due to piss-poor understanding of how a computer works?

Don't get me wrong, I don't claim AoC is a perfect piece of code, but lately the amount of tech-related bitching I've seen is more a problem with the user rather than the game.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 10:41AM Crsh said

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Obvious typo on my end, "enoy" should be "enjoy".

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 10:36AM (Unverified) said

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AoC is a decent MMO right now, but it definitely feels incomplete and unfinished. It runs well, looks good, but when they leave out things like DX10, it shows that they obviously weren't finished. In fact, I don't think any one at Funcom would say it was finished. If they did, they'd be lying.

My issue, beyond being unfinished, is that it just doesn't feel that much different than WoW. It's like WoW in a different skin. It's Disney World instead of Disney Land. I adds a few new things, but overall, it's not a leap forward in the MMO genre. I'm looking for that game that leaps forward, as I think many are. We now have to look towards Warhammer and hope that maybe it can provide that leap forward, or else we keep on waiting.

I'll try out AoC again in the future, maybe after they get DX10 in there and finish it up a bit more.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 11:09AM Nadril said

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People complaining about some tech issues are amazing. 9 times out of 10 those same people are running a piss poor machine that chugs along on low.

Every person I know that has a decent machine does not crash. In fact, the only time I've ever crashed in Conan is when I've minimized while loading or doing something else memory intensive -- which isn't a big deal as I know not to do it now.

Other than that I have not come into technical issues. Sure, a graphical bug here and there, but most of them are so damn funny that I can ignore it.

I'm not saying the game is bug free. There are a few spots where I would fall through a mountain or sloped terain if I jumped at the exact spot (and would just fall into water and swim out so no biggy). There are some bugged class feats, as expected, but there is nothing that would prevent a player from enjoying the game.

Server stability is top notch with funcom.

Also, Just another WoW? WTF. By your definition any MMO is "just another WoW" which is ridiculous. WoW was JUST ANOTHER Everquest, after all, and it seems so loved by so many people.

Age of Conan has numerous differences from WoW, not including:

- Better combat. Has active block, combo system, hitting a player from behind = snare, sprinting, actual FPS-lite ranged combat.

- PvP that matters. Massive world PvP, border kingdoms is a non-instanced huge PvP zone with all sort of keeps and places to siege and fight at. City sieges as well are possible.

- City building. Players can have their own guild city and, in KINGSHIP, will be able to own "wonders of the world" and LEGENDARY battlekeeps.

- An attempt to break the classic mold of classes. The healing classes are all built so that healers can DPS as well, with their heals being based off of HoTs. Classes are much more unique than WoW's basic "warrior / mage / dark mage / shapeshifter / archer / paladin / ect" mold. Oh, you're a mage that can shoot fireballs or frostbolts? HOW ORIGINAL. Oh, and here's this other mage that instead has a pet and shoots bolts of shadow, instead of fire.

- The world is set up entirely differently (broken into zones). While this may be a minus for some it means that you don't encounter the horrible overcrowding that plauged WoW yet there are still plenty of people to a zone to get constant PvP happening. PvP places that matter (border kingdom) is entirely non-instanced.

Hell, even the dungeons in AoC destroy what I've seen and done in WoW. In WoW I have raided up to the start of black temple (TK/SSC/Hyjal full clear) and the dungeons I have seen in conan are much more impressive than some of the TBC raid instances. Sanctum of the Burning souls is simply epic looking, and all that for a level 36 instance.

- Gear is different, and there isn't as much of an emphasis on it. While there still is green/blue/epic gear (as in almost any other MMO) it doesn't pull as much weight as gear in WoW does. In WoW a scrub can run around with their S3 gear they got from buying an arena team and roll faces just because of how ridiculous itemization got.

And if you don't think that WoW's gear pulls to much weight, think of this. A ROGUE (one of the squishiest classes) tanked illidan because of how stupid gear had gotten. She had managed to get up to 103% avoidance (through dodge/parry/ect.) fully buffed. This had nothing to do with skill (although it is good to come up with such a combo of gear) but almost everything to do with what she was wearing.

The people who complain about the PvP or combat in this game have not taken time. For one, the shield system in the game (while useless-ish in PvP) is well thought out in PvE, forcing a player to actually think what they have to do. In WoW all my rogue had to do in PvE was 222223222223 and continue on. In conan my conq has so much to think about, and my ToS (some reguard it as an 'ez mode' class) has to constantly know how to active block (X) to survive AoE encounters.

Complaining about PvP being meaningless or bad, when chances are you haven't gotten past 40, is just silly. Hell in WoW I never even got any sort of PvP until I got to STV (Hillsbrad, sometimes but rarely) unless I did one of the games boring battlegrounds (Which would just be littered with twinks carried by gear).

WAR has a lot to prove when it comes out if it's going to win over me. For one, realm vs realm PvP is just kind of boring, and from what I hear a lot of the major PvP in the game goes on in "scenarios" (glorified battlegrounds). While sieging another city sounds awesome nothing can beat actually building up your OWN CITY and laying wreck to someone elses, that you know has cost a ton of money to build up.

Age of Conan is still a young game, way too young to be making some assumptions. PvP is still very young and players haven't had the chance to really get active in the games PvP.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 12:57PM (Unverified) said

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Nadril, let me address some of your points and a few other too.

1) Client stability. I purchased a brand new computer. Top of the line. Incredible specs. New install of operating system and latest drivers for everything. Every other game I have on it runs great, which is about 20 other games. Conan crashes constantly. This is happening to almost everyone in my guild too.

2) Gear. Gear means almost nothing according to the devs and players. This system just doesn't work. In order for people to stay active, if you don't have any other good reason to play such as good PVP (more on this in a minute) you would need some type of gear progression to satisfy.

3) PVP seige warfare. Broken and probably will never work as advertised. Have you seen the posts and blogs about the seiges people have been (trying) to have. It's broken. Seige equipment doesn't work. Gates take a handful of players a few minutes to break down. Walls don't work. With a 30 person battle, even on newest computers it's unplayable because of 3 frames per second. This can be optimized more, but it will never be at an acceptable level. You'll know I'm right a year from now.

4) "Better combat" no, not really. Pushing 3 buttons to activate a skill is not much different than pushing 1 button. In fact after a while many people just get bored with it. There is nothing new here than any other MMO. Maybe a little extra blood, thats cool, but the novelty wears off fast. Most classes spam a couple skills and thats it. (Barbarian CoS anyone?)

5) PVP that matter and City building. Doesn't work. See #3

6) Healing classes that can also do massive damage. Proven broken already in pvp. In pve its good but it doesn't balance well in pvp.

7) Zones. It causes huge memory leaks for just about everyone, crashing the game of most. Zoning is just stupid really, especially if you are being ressed in the exact same place you already are. No game has needed zones for quite some time. Oh yea, it's because of the advanced graphics, but that leads me to my last point. At the end of the day you're left with a mediocre MMO with great looking graphics.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 1:24PM Nadril said

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(1) I don't know what the problem is then, I mean everyone I know in my guild hasn't had any sort of problems with stability.

(2) Gear does mean something, especially with fixes (yes str/dex/ect work), but it isn't to the point where it's just stupid like in WoW. There is gear progression, but then again I don't agree with the whole Carrot-on-a-stick mechanic anyways.

(3) Sieges and stuff are a little busted, but this is nothing that one patch can't fix. It's easy to give walls more HP and such once people start really testing it. Because of how beta was (I don't think people had instant 80's) they didn't really test sieging.

(4) You failed to mention all of the other stuff though. Active blocking, FPS-lite ranger abilities, sprinting. Active blocking is a huge ability which many players under estimate. Anyways, I never said that the system was revolutionary, but the combo system, IMO, is much more fun than WoW.

(5) Almost all of city building works, just not walls yet I guess. Tweaking gates is easy.

(6) I never said we do massive damage, I said we do damage and all the healers (IIRC) have abilities which increases their healing capabilities when they deal damage. At level 80, and especially group PvP, healers aren't this OP beast you think we are.

(7) I've never encountered memory leaks zoning unless I'm minimized, as I said earlier. While I agree that zoning on resurrection is silly breaking the places into zones has been a fairly common practice outside of some MMOs. Everquest II, for example, uses a zoning system much like AoC.

As I said it may be a negative to some people but for me I don't mind it. While in theory it'd be awesome to have no zones it's already a pain having to get to some places because of how large zones are.

I disagree that it is a mediocre MMO. If I may ask you, how far did you get in Conan? This isn't me trying to troll you, or be rude, but me asking you out of genuine curiosity.

I still stand by that I don't know of any MMOs that were awesome at launch. aka:

(8) LoTRO had problems with endgame content at launch. This is a fact and people who played at launch can tell you that -- it was a very big problem.

Vanguard had a horrible buggy mess of a launch.

WoW had bugs (loot bug) and even didn't have racial abilities upon launch. It also took them 3+ years to put in a hero class (that they said would be in when it was still Vanilla WoW) and that hero class isn't here until WoTLK. It also have horrible server stability, constant and huge downtime.

Everquest II's launch was riddled with problems. I don't know if I remember them so much as technical problems but game design issues that were horrible. Having to get attuned for every little thing == not fun.

Anarchy Online's launch was 100x worse than Conan's (same company, I know).

DDO's launch was pretty poor, with pretty much no end game content IIRC.

AC2 ended up being so bad they shut it down pretty quickly.

Dark and Light. lol

I am willing to bet $50 that WAR's launch will not be squeaky clean. The thing is is that some of the things in WAR are even more ambitious than AoC, which for me (who's not even a WAR fanboy) scares me. They really sound like they are biting off more then they can chew.

Point is is that any MMO I can really think of in the past 6 years or so has had launch problems. LoTRO is apparently a good PvE game now, even if riddled with end game problems. I remember WoW having some endgame problems too at launch, mostly because some encounters were tuned much too hard -- or IDK.

As a gamer if you do not like having to deal with a launch -- don't. Wait 5-6 months and THEN comment on an MMO. I know its sad, but there simply are things that developers won't and can't realize in a game as large in scope as an MMO.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 4:21PM (Unverified) said

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Here's why the fun I had with 'Age of Conan' has been very limited:

-I don't like the zoning. Multiple instances of the same zone suck, because, for me, it kills immersion.

-I don't like, that the differences between races are very subtle. Too subtle for me to really get into my character.

-I don't like the stamina system. Running out of stamina sucks. There is almost no stamina regeneration in combat. Nothing that can't be fixed. But it definitly hasn't served the game well in terms of first impressions. Group play sucked with my barbarian, because of the stamina issue.

-I don't like the 'simon sez' style combo system. It started out great and went downhill from there. With every extra keystroke needed to execute a combo, the meaningless buttonpushes get more and the meaningful ones get less. This mechanic sucks, especially since only the last keystroke does deal decent damage and applies the combo effect. To me it feels like a misconception of a great idea.

-I don't like the compexity of the defensive system. I don't like to allocate the shields. I don't like the semi 'active' blocking (just turning it on or off isn't really active. Timing is not involved and it eats up stamina, a rare commodity). For me it just makes thing overly complicated without really adding to the fun.

-I don't like, that PvP is very poor while leveling. It's nothing more than ganking and griefing. I got to admit, that this is (immature) fun, but there's nothing lasting to find here.

-I don't like, that the main 'innovations', like the guild driven large scale PvP are endgame exclusive. It's old fashioned and shoddy design to have me play a game for hundred of hours, just to get to the good parts of it. In addition that, many posts and blogs state it to be broken at the moment.

-I don't like the gathering and crafting systems in place. Gathering is tedious. Since gathering was no fun or even feasible by my standards of gameplay, I didn't even try to get into crafting. Since building a guild city will also involve lots of gathering, I suspect I wouldn't like that either.

-I don't like the quest design in general. To much talk and walk, not enough hack and slash. Also the main story is thin. There are so many little stories to read up on, sidetracking me, instead of building an epic and exciting general mood. It's too much 'little' storytelling, not enough 'epic' storytelling. Only the cimmerian regions are done well. The vanir invasion feels like that epic story backbone for the trivial business of questing, that I am looking for.

-I don't like the lack of guidance. I often end up finishing all quests in a zone left without a marker, where to go next. The next natural choice to progress often leads to a much higher level zone, essentially being a dead end. Having to go to another starting zone just doesn't feel right.

-I don't like the interface. It's ugly, clumsy and unclear.

-I don't like talking to the questgivers. The text is hard to read, since the letters often don't stand out. They tend to blur with the backgrounds.

-I don't like paying to play a beta. Funcom admits, that they run out of money, before AoC war ready for release. All the unfinished parts of the game and the many more or less broken mechanics are proof of that. I have to admit, that they work very hard on fixing things up and filling in content into the voids.

I had some fun, aswell as many dislikes. The fun didn't last to levelcap. I cannot judge, what lies in store for those who get there. What I can say is, AoC didn't draw me in. The fun I had was superficial. AoC did provide little incentive to get more involved and I didn't.

All that being said. The core fundament of AoC is playable. It is available now. There is fun to be had in AoC. Most things broken are not beyond fixing. The promises made for the future are intriguing. The hacking of limbs and smashing of skulls is great.

In my opinion the game would be a lot better focusing more on the 'hack and slay' part, instead of the RPG part. Combat doesn't feel like a 'hack and slay', more like a overly complicated MMORPG. If it would feel more like a 'Ninja Gaiden II', rather than a MMORPG, it would really be the 'Innovator' it set out to be.

It isn't.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 5:54PM (Unverified) said

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Listen people if you like it play it, if you dont dont play it and stfu. Oh and Nadril you forgot to mention SWG 2nd launch (NGE)...that was bad.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 7:57PM (Unverified) said

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The game is great. Perhaps some of the people who haven't enjoyed are playing a class that needs some work. But overall, aside from some bugged quests, I'm having a blast killing mobs, killing players and getting killed as well.

It may not be play to crush, but heads are rolling!

(I agree with Crsh about advancing at the rate the devs are fixing stuff)

Of course the fact that my guild is finally once again united playing one game is a big factor in my enjoyment. After all, with out the social aspect of an MMO, all of them suck.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 11:46PM (Unverified) said

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I got a Tempest of Set to 70 and a Herald of Xotli to 54.

Posted: Jun 19th 2008 7:01AM (Unverified) said

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A couple times now ive heard horrible reviews here coming from "My girlfriends brother" or "A bunch of my friends". This makes it easy not to have to back up what youre actually complaining about. I have seen some glitches, none graphical, a couple quests that arent working properly and a couple freezes that last about a second or two (which is a long time in battle). Aside from that i have been impressed with how this game is performing this soon after launch. Waiting a few months after launch to pick up any MMO is generally a good idea but what can i say, I didnt wait and ive seen a LOT worse than this in MMOs this soon out of the gate.

Posted: Jun 19th 2008 3:13PM (Unverified) said

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Nalrin, you're off on several points. Most notably you claim all city buildings work. They don't. Most of them are physically there, but don't give the effects or spawn the NPCs that they're intended to. To claim this is working is pure fallacy.

Also, you claim that instancing zones cuts overcrowding. This may be true if zones were larger, but I've found overcrowding to be a serious problem in every zone through the E. Mts. It certainly doesn't help that you have no zone options for leveling 40+ so you're cramming in with everyone else your level and fighting each other to get 15 of your quest mobs in a camp that only spawns 6.

You cite "FPS-lite ranger abilities"...You apparently haven't played a ranger. The FPS mode doesn't aim like a FPS shooter would, and also stops auto-aiming. It's nearly impossible to hit anything in that mode.

You claim PVP in Conan isn't meaningless--I find it to be the most meaningless I've ever seen in an MMO. Aside from random ganking, you get battlegrounds: but you're just thrown in with random people, not fighting for any particular cause. Guild vs Guild? Maybe, in several months when it works worth a damn.

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