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Posted: May 24th 2008 11:30AM ultimateq said

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"World of Warcraft has set a standard that must be met."

WoW set the standard of making MMOs easy. So instead of grinding with friends in groups, you grind quests solo, which makes the whole mmo deal a moot point. Sure its casual friendly, but no one ever groups any more until you are level 70.

WoW does have it neato's, don't get me wrong. I played it just so I can have an objective point of view. The PvP system works fairly well. And the Speccing system worked well. The classes are largely balanced.

I believe early EQ1 set more of a standard for MMO gaming (in a fantasy setting any way). Actually negotiating trades live with a person rather than buying it from an AFK vendor, or auction house. Sure it became harder to find things, but the payoff was a bit more satisfying. When they started releasing new raiding expansions every few months it went downhill, and was no longer the standard. All the way up through Gates of Discord the game was flawless. But I also enjoyed Omens of War.

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