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Posted: May 20th 2008 4:05PM (Unverified) said

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Greetings to T and Arnold.

Good thing you reviewed AoC this week, I was looking forward to that, mainly to pose a few questions for you. I tried finding information on this, but it was rather... Scarce. Anyway, on to the questions;
I've read that it's basicly Age of Loadingscreen. How much does this statement hold true?
What's there to do once you've hit the level cap (whatever that might be)? As far as I understand, it's PvP oriented, but is there any sort of PvE-element (I'm thinking raiding, instances, whatever) to it?
And of course, how easy is it to level?

Thanks for your time, hope you can provide me with some short answers, if you find the time.

Ps, I did read the articles that I found on Massively, but I seemed not to find the answers I was looking for.

Posted: Jun 18th 2008 12:10PM (Unverified) said

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I know I am not Turpster. And I know I am not well known. But either way. I have an answer to your question.

There is an end game aspect of Age of Conan, its actually not as PvP orientated as some think. Sure, hop on a PvP server and its a free for all bloodbath where the sole survivor has 5 health left and gets one shotted by a rabbit.

But there is a HUGE PvE aspect. There is end game raiding, as well as instances. However, the instances do not start till around level 35. Giving you 34 levels to find your way around the game.

And if 34 levels seems too long? Well, the leveling is a lot easier than WoW, and its rather easy to go from level 1-20 in a couple hours.

I hope this helps, at least somewhat...

P.S. Turpster. You may not be god in my eyes, but you are up there.

Posted: May 20th 2008 4:48PM Boruk said

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Okay Turp, this one made me laugh...good one.

I really love Conan stuff but I did not want to "Buy" a spot in their "open beta" just to test the game out. Would love to play it but not going to fork out the cash just yet.

Good review this time around )p

Posted: May 23rd 2008 11:15AM (Unverified) said

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Really great episode probaly my favorite one togehter with the hell gate london one:)

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