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Posted: May 21st 2008 3:07PM (Unverified) said

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I have to admit they aren't the only ones, I've gotten really disillusioned with it recently, I'm strongly considering jacking it in and going back to EVE.

Lack of interest after level 30, lack of new content, no endgame, and very little to do when you get to level 50. A lot of people are just plain bored of it. It's not even so exciting that I can be bothered to play through it again to level up more lower characters.

I left the Matrix Online because of the same thing (it set in earlier in MxO though), it makes me sad in a way with all this technology and marvelous developers and masterminds like Richard Garriot and the Wachowskis. MMORPGs seem to consist of getting someone with great imagination and ideas to spend millions authoring a game, then when they've released it you pull the rug out from under them, move the team onto something else and let the game die a slow, painful death, bleeding it's players dry in the process.

When will these people realise that if they continue to invest, and develop, and grow games like CCP and Blizzard do, then people will keep coming, the games will blossom and they will make more money than they ever would on a one shot wonder like TR.

Sirry Irriots.

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