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Posted: Apr 30th 2008 10:20AM (Unverified) said

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Well sorry to be a bit hard hearted but this is the first time I even heard of EA-Land. Maybe thats the point

Posted: Apr 30th 2008 3:13PM (Unverified) said

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It was the grand experiment. To my understanding, it was supposed to be loosely modeled after SL - economy, building a business all that, but with a Sims kind of world around it.

As for EALand - it was supposed to be the closest (though not very) thing to a 'replacement' for SL.

But, the grand experiment failed. They are giving it through July I suspect, because they are actually reincarnating the Sims Online according to C|NET News - I apologize, I wish I still had the source.

I saw this during the news of The SIMS franchise breaking all those sales records.

So, the Sims aren't dead, yet. :)

Posted: May 1st 2008 12:33AM (Unverified) said

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I, for one, am perfectly happy to shout, "In your face!" to EA ...

(Yes, four years later, I'm still bitter about EA's treatment of Earth and Beyond ...)

Posted: May 1st 2008 1:20PM (Unverified) said

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I was thinking the same thing, cerement. Amazing the loyalty E&B inspires even this long gone.

Posted: May 5th 2008 4:13AM (Unverified) said

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To Whom It May Concern:

The Sims Online/Ea Land owned and operated by Electronic Arts has officially notified its players that they will be closing the doors to the game as of August 1 ,2008 . In 2007 it was told that you were going to re-vamp the game , bring in new objects , fix the economy . Open all individual cities into one large map so we could all play together through out *Ea Land* You have brought new objects , You have brought in new ideas , we are all in the same map except Test Center 3 . You have had developers playing along with us in game to listen to our ideas , complaints.
The game that had become boring had started to see new life . It has become fun again. You work , play , skill, making custom content . It has been a long road the last few months trying to survive the lag issues , updates, and new changes . But we have come together as a community and made a great game. We are just starting to enjoy our game and we get a post that TSO/EAL is being closed ....All of us gamers are shocked , devastated that EA has given up on us before the game has had a chance to grow .
We have about 11k paying players and around 25 or 30k players total.
This game has become an * out * if you will . for many people through out the world . We have been through death, marriages , babies being born , break ups, with our friends on here . We have in game weddings , couples . relationships.
There are many players with disabilities that cant, walk or talk in real life , but in game they are normal , they can walk, talk, sing , swim , dance . We have in game Dj's that broadcast over internet radio. This game has become a great escape for a lot of people . To end this game it wont only hurt the online community it will hurt the real lives of these people . We have all shed our tears since we found out TSO was closing . Now we are trying everything in our power to keep the game going. Petitions, websites, media, phone calls , instant messages , all that i have spoken with have said they would pay more for their monthly subscription to TSO/EAL. I know if the developers were given more time they would have the best online game out there . We don't want Second Life which most call Sex City, We don't want war games , its way to much like real life. We just want our TSO/EAL . I know this isn't to much to ask ,and i know the fees are outrageous to keep this game running , But we the players * simmies* of TSO/EAL are worth it! Please don't give up on us . We need this game . There is no other like it !
This game hasn't been given a fair chance since re-creating to Ea Land. I think you need to give us a year to make this the game what it should be .
My Parent's have always told me ....You must spend money to make money.. This is true in every aspect of life . So spend a little and let's get TSO back to where it needs to be . Lets have ads in commercials, newspapers, radio stations , gaming magazines as well as other magazine's. We all feel Ea hasn't given their best to make this game work . We just want a fair chance . Don't end a game that means so much to so many players . We may just be 9.99 to you but we are all humans and depend on this game in one-way or another.
Increase the subscription price , give the 14 day free trail with unlimited game play , so people will want to subscribe, a free game with limited play isn't going get someone to subscribe , they are just going to stay in tc3 and live it up there for FREE. That's not helping the company or the player's, All we ask is for 1 year to bring in new players and to make this game work, Have any of you top officials every sat down and played the game . Well take the time to do it now and you will see the devastation in the game .
Please take the time to check out these sites where players are trying to save TSO.



http://www.petitiononline.com/kl5c3854/ ... -sign.html

Please hear our pleas for our simmie world .
Thank you for your time in this matter ,
The Simmie Movement Team

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