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Posted: Apr 23rd 2008 4:43PM (Unverified) said

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You forgot the new method that Blizzard should have been using from day 1. Two methods actually...

Look at the Sunwell generic drops. Most have that version which is very good for the general DPS or healing class it is meant for. Using a sunmote you can upgrade it to an item meant for a specific class.

Leather items can be upgraded to Druid versions.
Healing Mail can be upgraded to Elemental Mail.

But oh, wait, again THEY DIDN'T ITEMIZE FOR ENHANCE SHAMAN AGAIN! Even with the ability to make a mail item generic for hunters and then have a sunmote change it to Str instead of Agility they just decided not to bother.

The second way is heroic badge gear. Most of my slots have a leather item from badge gear near the top. Unfortunately, again, NOT A SINGLE ENHANCEMENT PIECE!!!!

It's not that Blizzard doesn't know about what we need. The new T6 belt, boots, and bracers are the BEST in slot. They were actually designed for us. It's that Blizzard just doesn't want us wearing gear made for us. Heaven forbid we get close to the DPS of a "pure" class...

Kalgan's Golden Rule of WOW: "If it is a change that helps Hybrids do anything besides heal, don't do it. If it is a change that promises and teases Shaman into thinking they are getting better and then crushes their hopes and ends up as a nerf, do it."

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