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Posted: Apr 16th 2008 7:07AM (Unverified) said

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http://psupedia.info/Maximum_Attack_G - For all of the original mission's info. As the event progresses, and we get more kills, we will unlock more missions. The first unlock will be an extension to the Maximum Attack G mission. It will be an extra block with the "Ruins" area from PSO.

The second mission that we can unlock is Program DF. http://psupedia.info/Program_DF
Guardians will be able to fight the classic boss from PSO. Only this time he is a re skinned version of De Rol Le. One of Dark Falz' special drops will be Flowen's Sword.

An item exchange mission will also be available throughout the event. http://psupedia.info/The_Messenger
Guardians will be able to trade in there Gold badges for weapons and prizes.

After the event is over, the missions, Maximum Attack G and Program DF will remain a part of PSU as a free mission. The event bonuses will be gone.

It has also not been confirmed how many kills will be required to obtain items. In Japan, the top 500 players with the most kills received the Spread Needle/G. Sonic Team has not confirmed the availability in the US/EU. In Japan, they reached over 400 million kills and received a special weapon for it. Japan also has many more players than us. I would expect our goal to be in the 250-300 million range.

Posted: Apr 16th 2008 9:54AM Seraphina Brennan said

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I thought Program DF looked suspiciously like De Rol Le. Thanks for the heads up on the unlocks. :)

Also, our goal is confirmed to be 100 million kills according to the website and e-mails sent out right now... low, I know, but hopefully Sega might reconsider.

Posted: Apr 16th 2008 2:41PM (Unverified) said

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100 Million Kills is the in-game "goal" your characters are given, but that does not mean it is the end of the event, there will be bonus rewards beyond that goal.

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