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Posted: Apr 1st 2008 5:19PM (Unverified) said

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Hi! Scapes here. Wanted to chime in for a sec.

I'm quite pleased with the attention the Patch 1.2 trailer has been receiving and that folks are eager to find out about Hellgate: London and its upcoming patches, subscription details, and more. Would like to point out that all of this information is prominently posted on our official forums and HellgateLondon.com website. Since the official forums are accessible only to account holders, external forums (and YouTube comments) make for a fine place to pose questions about the title as well. Responses to questions such as those found in the Patch 1.2 Trailer YouTube page are very swift on our forums.

As pointed out in this article, we are developing major updates bristling with new features and performance improvements on all fronts, Multiplayer and Single Player alike. To address the concern voiced in the previous comment here, the Marksman class was woefully imbalanced due to some of its passive skills being triggered on critical hits. The changes made to the class were by and large well-received by the Hellgate: London community, including die-hard fans of the Marksman class.

Lastly, to answer the question of when we're planning our third Developer Chat Event, we are presently finalizing a date and should have an announcement published shortly.

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