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Posted: Mar 14th 2008 8:54AM (Unverified) said

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I wish I was still a true believer and this game offered SO much.

But all I am is dissapointed champions will be worth a look but in reality its all a cheap consolation.

The talk of game play was interesting but the immersion in a world that True Believers so desperatly wanted to immerse themselves in was the big draw card.

As news of this MUO became more frequent so did my excitment to truely enter the mavel univers to the point it reignited my interest in the comic fanchise.

I eagerly anticipated the next news item regarding MUO.

I'll probably look at Champions as something different to the current MMO drudgery. Some one let me know when it really starts.

Until then I have lost my belief in Marval and Cryptic for both games and comics.

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