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Posted: Feb 12th 2008 2:47AM Durinthal said

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I love exploring and trying to find hidden or unreleased areas.

In the WoW beta I swam around the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms for fun (from Westfall headed north). I found Newman's Landing and a lighthouse on the northern coast of Lordaeron, nice little Easter eggs for anyone curious enough to try such a thing.

Being a mage had its advantages for exploring. I managed to sneak into the Undead starting area with the Invisibility spell (in the beta it was a lower-level spell that lasted longer); I still have a screenshot of myself standing in a room with many Undead NPCs on the other side.

I also found a coastal route into the Eastern Plaguelands before the region was released. The terrain and buildings were all there and textured, but unpopulated by any NPCs. Eventually working my way to Stratholme, I first stopped to fish at the bridge leading to the city (unfortunately, I didn't catch anything).

At the city entrance, in place of what I presume would later be the instance portal was a stone wall that I used Blink to get through. The city was there outside of the instance as well, but it wasn't finished yet as some buildings were untextured. I explored several of the buildings there before falling to my doom after walking out the back of a ziggurat, where there was no longer a solid floor beneath me.

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