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Posted: Feb 7th 2008 9:47AM (Unverified) said

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This(RMT) is a horrific taboo amongst gamers and even moreso amongst gaming companies. I applaud SOE for at least getting creative trying to combat this, but I also commend Blizzard for doing an amazing job curb-stomping RMT companies that try to do business in WoW.

I think that in the future we'll see games announcing their stance towards RMT in the same way they announce what platforms the game will be developed for, the regions they'll be released in, or what type of PVP(if any) the game will offer. It will be that cut and dry. Why? Some gamers want RMT. Some gamers don't want any RMT'ing in the MMO they play. It's a choice we all make, and it will be helpful to everyone involved in game makers make that choice also as opposed to just ignoring the problem...I'm looking at you Lineage 2.

As an MMO player the issue is very clear to me: I don't make use of RMT, not because it's "cheating", but because I KNOW where those items and that currency comes from. The farmers are anything but innocuous and that's why most gamers hate them. Farmers don't care that you are playing a game, they have quotas to meet. Well...if(and it's a big if) "legit" trading takes off I hope the pro farmers choke on it.

Yeah, no love for them from me.

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