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Posted: Feb 2nd 2008 7:22PM (Unverified) said

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Ryzom had some really beautiful and immersive enviornments. I'll miss them.
I was always facinated with the ecosystem. the way predators interacted with prey was really cool, as was the way certain herd animals migrated due to various circumstances.

For me, the content fell a little short (which was why I quit). The crafting system was intriguing though. I'm sure with funding for frequent content updates, it would have really turned interesting.

Poor Ryzom, it had vision... It just lacked funding.

At one time the players were so dedicated to this game, that they tried to raise money to buy it outright and open source the game.

I wonder what happened to that? The first time the offer wasn't good enough because another buyer with more money appeared.

How about now?

Posted: Feb 2nd 2008 7:35PM (Unverified) said

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Free Ryzom Foundation is now Virtual Citizenship Association. Check out the forums for info.


Posted: Feb 3rd 2008 10:09AM (Unverified) said

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I enjoyed Ryzom for a year back before the first bankruptancy. This was once of those games that worked very hard to keep a stable (if middling) framerate while running at all times, and a very botproof harvesting system (having to gauge when a node was liable to go critical or result in divine retribution for further mining made the crafting aspect of the game cool, as did the importance of quality in one's choice of ingredients)

in recent months, the introduction of a mission builder accessible to players based on their willingness to explore every nook of Atys was also another strong point of Ryzom.

Hopefully the game stays alive. It does not have the same accessibility as a megaMMO like WoW, but the features I mentioned set it apart from a lot of other MMOs. The fact that the UI lent itself to slower reactions as often experienced by lesser-abled players was also a good thing in a world where shifts or original UI designs in the style of SOE's Combat Upgrade killed this aspect in many traditionally disabled-friendly MMOs.

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