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Posted: Jan 26th 2008 1:25PM (Unverified) said

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It was about two year and a half ago, on World of Warcraft.

My guild back then had started our first Molten Raid, and we were all very excited to finally try our first high end instance.

After half an hour of preparation, we were all set for our first try. Remember the first pull of Molten Core? There was two fire giants.

Well, everything started well. The tank tanked, the healers healed and the rest of the raid tried to be gentle (at first) on DPS.

Back in the days, only the most hardcore raiders would use a mod to watch aggro. And, of course, that meant our doom.

See, at least back then, marksman hunters were killing machines. And with high dps comes great aggro. In no time, the giants were rampaging the rest of the raid. And we all wipe.

Of course, when you died, your ghost would appear at the other end of the map and you needed to cross it to get back to the instance. Not only was it impressive to look at the map and see 40 dots moving down, but, strangely, it had the form of a hand that extended to reach the mountain.

I'm not religious, far from it, but we called our first wipe ever the hand of god.

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