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Posted: Jan 8th 2008 3:56PM (Unverified) said

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I don't know what video you just watched, but the one I watched looked like a bad mashup of Hexen and Counter-Strike. Why were they all jumping all the time?

And what's with the proclamations throughout the video...

"Skill based combat system!"

"Twitch based melee combat!"

Sorry... but I didn't see any of that.

Posted: Jan 8th 2008 4:31PM (Unverified) said

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Hehe, when I submitted this video in my letter to massively I said "it reminds me of counterstrike." Granted, he doesn't have graphics turned up, and he's a mage and using boring spells.

They're refering to two things.

1) In DDO if something doesn't physically touch you (an arrow or a ray spell or something) it doesn't damage you. If you get in the way of these things, you'll be hit. That means someone can run infront of the proverbial bullet and die for you.

2) Twitch combat. DDO plays alot like Max Payne without bullet time. It controls like a FPS. No auto attack button, tumbling and diving out of the way, you can bring up a defense or shield stance by hold a button down, and running around with it.

It's quite the mashup of the video, and those things aren't conveyed well.

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