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Posted: Dec 10th 2007 10:22PM (Unverified) said

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I wrote in the thread that was at lotro.com. Here is why this would not work.

1. We should expect the areas that are added to increase in size due to minimal work on the LOTRO engine itself.

2. Turbine cannot afford to wait to add content that most people are aware of. Ask the average person what Angmar is and they won't know. Ask the average person what Rohan is and they will respond 'the horse people from the movie'. We are talking selling points which could increase the userbase.

3. The story thus far told in LOTRO is the first book. I would expect to see the expansion follow suit. The gaps are filled in by the wonderful content updates.

4. Finally, the userbase grows with the addition of content. Turbine cannot afford to wait until 2012 to add the 'greatest threat' to the game.

I predict that the next expansion will be:

LOTRO: The Road to Isengard

followed by

LOTRO: The Gates of Mordor.

Awesome game by the way.

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