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Posted: Nov 27th 2007 12:16PM (Unverified) said

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Hey don't knock the Scape! I'm sure it sucks compared to other mmo's but back in the day of late junior high and early high school... i used to love this game. Nostalgia FTW!

Posted: Nov 27th 2007 12:30PM (Unverified) said

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I remember trying RuneScape in High School...boy was it crappy. Thanks to this post, I see it still is. At the time I was playing EQ and I saw why a monthly charge was good...you didn't crap. You got an actually well put together game with an actual interface, just not one built in Java.

Posted: Nov 27th 2007 1:29PM (Unverified) said

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Wow. The screenshots you posted totally turn me off to this one.

"I find the other players largely rude, often unreasonably aggressive and distasteful"

On the one hand, this has become all-too-common. There's another beta I'm in where it seems like all the kids do is use the public chat channels for sex-talk and insults, and it's frustrating because it's a good game without that. Sure, I can put them on ignore, but then there's the eternal partial-conversation problem if I ever want to interact with the channels, since they're so damn conversational ALL THE TIME.

On the other hand, it seems like your experience was particularly bad.

I don't like strict behavior codes in games, nor the rigamarole involved in reporting people, but I think that without at least some base level of enforced community standards, servers all-too-quickly devolve into the kind of thing you describe. I really wish that weren't the case.

Posted: Nov 27th 2007 10:28PM (Unverified) said

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Just wonder why you played the game if you knew you didnt want to lose your loot. conservative players should know to avoid games with looting / item decay

Posted: Nov 27th 2007 10:28PM Jeremy White said

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[Lots of little buttons to press and the need to change in the middle of doing things, argh!]

At what point in the game did you have to change menus frequently? I don't really know any point in the game where you have to do this and you don't really give any examples of what you're talking about other than "little buttons you press".

[I find the chatting to NPCs to be a real bind for two reasons.]

I don't see how chatting with the NPCs can put you in any kind of bind. It takes you out of the normal interface simply by replacing your view of the chat (for less than 30 seconds if you can read at all). I also don't see how the limited option of what you say can put you in a bind either? You are given stuff to say to make it more chatlike, there's a never a time when what you say effects how the game is played, other then when you choose to accept or decline a quest. You do not get good or evil points based upon what you say. You generally chat to get the story behind the quest. It's kind of like in most RPGs where you're given a bunch of options to choose from on different subjects when you talk to people. For instance, if someone says, "We need help killing snails. The queen is in trouble!", you would probably get the option of saying, "How did the queen get involved?" and "Where are they?!"
If you choose about where they are, the NPC will tell you about their location and maybe why they're there. Then you're given the chance to ask how the queen got involved. He will tell you and then you can go off and do the quest. It's not like if you don't ask about the queen you don't get the option, or it effects how your character is treated in the game any way.

[I find the other players largely rude, often unreasonably aggressive and distasteful. The servers are packed, and everywhere you look it is bustle, hustle and rudeness. I often solo things, even in games where soloing is discouraged, but I can enjoy joining up and having fun when the chances arise. But a game where, in the few hours I played, I found being a female character attracted 3 stalkers, and a load of unwanted advances, as well as being killed by other players without warning or provocation on 4 occasions to be deeply frustrating. I guess playing on servers with loads of random horny 14 year olds will do that.]

Ok, imagine if WoW was a free game. Can you imagine the people that would pollute WoW? Now imagine if there was a free WoW and pay-to-play WoW that gave you much more content. Which would be the better community-wise and gameplay-wise? Of course the pay-to-play, where there are people who are a little more mature and aren't just in the game to harass and annoy. Many people complain about paying to play Runescape, but in the member servers I played and had fun way longer than I had with WoW. I don't understand your complaints on getting killed without warning. I'm pretty sure you're given a warning whenever you even go near the Wilderness which is very specific about what goes on out there. You even have to read and accept what you're about to do when you cross the threshold to the wilderness. There isn't anywhere else where I think you'd get randomly attacked by other players.

[Linked to the death issue, losing almost all your equipment each time you die is frustrating.]

This is something I totally agree with. The death system is almost unbearable, and is the reason I left for other games many a time. You can't even imagine what it was like back in the day before you got a warning about going in the wilderness. People would often promote they were selling highly expensive stuff and warp to a bank that is right beside the wilderness claiming they were taking it out of the bank. You'd then get your all your money out of the bank and they'd tell you they want to trade in a more safer spot. Then, they'd lead you right onto the edge of the wilderness, and out of nowhere a level 90+ freezes you, and they both attack you. Since you normally carry other items with you and the three items you keep are based on their rarity level (once again note that what you dropped is not random, but based on rarity), you would often lose major amounts of money, yet keep your trash items because money is considered a rarity, no matter the amount. I lost five million when I first fell for that crap. Now there is a method but I'm sure there's already a way to get more people. I also lost stuff many, many times when I was lower levels, because the standard is if you wanna level you fight monsters that give high XP, which are usually tougher than you. Since you have to take a full set of armor and food and runes and other stuff, you often get slaughtered and lose items that are not easy to replace.

[Is there any logic to the skills trees?]

In Runescape I honestly think most skills are there for economy. Runescape has a very massive economy, which you can kind of pick up on free-play, but it's made highly obvious in pay-to-play. Players that perfect these skills are the ones making the big bucks (literally hundreds of millions) if they're in pay-to-play. I know it doesn't explain why they chose to make the skill-building so easy but I think there's a deeper part to it... they make it easy with offering trees and a place to fish which is close to a bank so you can build your skills quickly... but when you get tired of fishing and chopping and gaining low XP because you're stuck at a level where the only fish or trees that can you give you more XP are members... where do you think they're going to go? Members of course. :P
If that's the intentions behind it it's very crafty, but once you get to members you find a ton more use for every skill, because most skills associate with others. Once again it goes back to economy. You fish rare member's only fish (which have higher healing rates), you cook all these fish, you bank, and you sale for a ton of cash. You chop wood, you use fletching to make bows and arrows, you sell and make cash. It's just about economy I guess.

Also, when I was a younger the whole pay-to-play content being shown-off in free servers pissed me off. I was never going to pay for a game with barely anything to do, kids who didn't know what to do other than ask for GP 24/7, and horrible graphics. Eventually I gave in after reaching what considered the peak in free servers. Joining the paid servers is VERY beneficial in all aspects. Better players and far more content then they describe. It was a lot of fun but eventually I fell out of it when school came around, and never had time to get back in.

It really is a fun game but you have to put into consideration that you played on a FREE server, which usuall hints at the kind of people you might find playing with you. There is a much better and helpful community in the pay servers, not just people going "i need moniy plz help". You also have to make sure you're not just throwing it out the window based off of graphics. Of course we're leaping into all the next-gen now but still that shouldn't effect it in my opinion. That's like saying games such as Diablo II suck because the graphics are outdated. I feel that I spent such a long time typing this for nothing but hopefully I can spread the word that there are MANY good things about this game, you just have to be willing to overlook time spent in free servers, and shell out five bucks.


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